a blank white wall stares at me.
a bored white wall stares at me.

i rub off some whiteness,
and stare back, bored and blank.


today was the first time i got eve-teased by an auto guy, probably forty years older than i am.
i was coming back home from a friend's place. the guy kept turning back and looking at me, kept trying to make conversation with me (which i kept ignoring), staring at me in the rear view mirror.. i ignored all of that (i was getting late, my mom would have killed me if i was later than 9.30 considering i have an exam tomorrow).
so i finally got home, got out of the auto and looked for money in my bag, and the bastard goes "jism bada mast hain".
i didn't get it the first time, i thought he was saying something about change, so i gave him a quizzical "what the fuck are you saying" look.. and he had the audacity to repeat it!
the worst part of all this is, today is the day i decided to forget my cellphone.
also, i don't seem to understand if i need to take that as a hidden compliment two weeks down the line, or a sarcastic horny comment.

i need to learn how to drive.
and fast.


no time for anything stop dying stop need air


sometimes, "fall out" is not descriptive enough.
it's more like probably viewing something under an extra powerful microscope.
as you get closer, they seem so much more apart.


like behind a wall, on which i've painted pretty pictures, and hoped you'd make me out to be them.


Note to Self - Dream.



Wish I knew how to whistle..