there's something magical about swimming in the rain.

she was floating facing the sky. it was drizzling slightly. the pool was empty, as it usually always is. she pulled her swimming goggles down to her neck. she shut her eyes and let herself go. her ears were in the water, so she couldn't hear what was going on above the water. it was calm. there was nobody around. she was tired. it had been a long day, and tomorrow was going to be a long day as well. she wasn't thinking about anything. this amazed her. the only thing going on in her head was a song she didn't know the words to. the little she knew, she sang aloud. to herself, mostly, but also some for the rain. the sky thundered and she opened her eyes. there was a white flash of lightning that highlighted the clouds. she took a deep breath, turned around and swam back to the shallow end. with a sigh, as the drizzle became rain, she walked out. she was smiling, to herself mostly, but also to the rain.
and she sang again..

its days like this that hmmm.. me
turn me inside out and learn me
not to tell you anything..
i think i know
but i think i tell you all that i know..
i wanna be alone,
i wanna be a stone
i wanna sink to the bottom of the ocean
lie there with you 'til i'm gone..
at the bottom of the big blue sea
just you and me..

bo'm of the big bluuuuuuueee seeeeaaaaaa..

(lyrics from big blue sea, bob schneider.)

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