today was the first time i got eve-teased by an auto guy, probably forty years older than i am.
i was coming back home from a friend's place. the guy kept turning back and looking at me, kept trying to make conversation with me (which i kept ignoring), staring at me in the rear view mirror.. i ignored all of that (i was getting late, my mom would have killed me if i was later than 9.30 considering i have an exam tomorrow).
so i finally got home, got out of the auto and looked for money in my bag, and the bastard goes "jism bada mast hain".
i didn't get it the first time, i thought he was saying something about change, so i gave him a quizzical "what the fuck are you saying" look.. and he had the audacity to repeat it!
the worst part of all this is, today is the day i decided to forget my cellphone.
also, i don't seem to understand if i need to take that as a hidden compliment two weeks down the line, or a sarcastic horny comment.

i need to learn how to drive.
and fast.


it has been ages since i've randomly flirted with words. with that weightlessness in my fingers i wander across the unswept roads of autumn leaves and onion peels. i haven't, in forever now, felt a stream of energy flow through my fingers. i look, slowly, consciously, without wanting to look away. in that flicker of eye contact, i smile and turn away. a small grin stubbornly sits under my nose. pretty word, gay word, long word, ugly word, cute word, static word with purple stains. a glance here, a peep there. dressed in hot denims and cool socks among other things, words that turn heads.
ages, it has been, since i've written irresponsibly.
i'm free again. i just broke up with the boundary and caught up with my imagination.