of random words and arbit conversation.
of pani puri and veggie delite.
of chocolate and loss-of-weight.

from putting sharpened pencil ends jacket hoods
and literature text book commentary
to calvin and hobbes and time magazine.

of sunsets and funky light pictures.
of haircuts and shopping.
of movies and schindlers list.

from love and hate
and insipid smiles
to love and hate and sarcasm.

of being cute and wanting to be sexy.
of getting drunk and dancing.
of corny forwards and songs in mid-conversation.

from kanki and rv
to maths-b and physics
to rebecca and miss universe.

of child labour and long drives with discmans.
of surprise parties and banana milkshake.
of mirchi bajjis with onions, and them with chole.

from goa
to delhi, dehradoon
and mussoorie.

of arguing about aspirations,
of talking about where-the-c-key-is
of discussing terrorism.

from innocent school girls
to irresponsible eighteen year olds.

for chickoo.
you're the bestest friend i've ever had.


Australopithecus said...

ribbon cutting!!

sita said...

theng u.
plis to hope my comments will live long without spam.

Non-Sensei said...

I never ever thought I'd see 'kanki and rv' in a poem.

sita said...

non-sensei: lol! that too in the same line, eh? :p

Arcane Crapper said...

Uhhhh... Ok.

blur said...


chi chi

u do so much dhoka

all this happend in front of me only no chooth

sita said...

arcane crapper: heh.

blur: your budday is coming or hers?

blur said...


so 10days before her budday re? eh? eh?? eh???

Baboo Bisleri said...

Hi Sita,

I have been a just bit more luckier than you.. got hold of the calvin and hobbes box set.. I guess you are from hybd.. are you still having trouble getting hold of a copy ??/

Sita said...

chrysanthemum: :)

blur: actually 15 days.. :p

baboo bisleri: no! i realised the next day that they have like twenty boxes and not just two. silly me!