The dark is so much more lively than light. Things seem so much more colourful.

"So, what do you really have in your palm?"


"Show it to me."

His palm unfolded, and he turned them around. They were quite empty, except for her glowing face. He put her long fingers on his hand and kissed them in the light of the bonfire.

She laughed, "You liar! There was no magic there! It was just a prank."

"But your face is gold as honey, and your fingers are warm. I was sure there was some magic there.. Let me try a little harder."

Her eyes were shining as he softly brushed away his hands from hers. Three yellow buterflies emerged from her hands and played in the white flowers of the grass. Her eyes grew big and she started playing with the butterflies.

"What do you have in your palm?"


He laughed, and pulled away. "But there's no such thing."

As the fire died away, their voices melted into the silence. I couldn't see them anymore, but I could see their outline. They were both emitting a strange light, as one form, as if the light were coming from above and below them, and they were consuming it. The light was a pale blue and a soft orange. The colours blended, and faded to black, with the fire.

There is no such thing as magic. But there's light, and illusion. And there's darkness.
And they, were all three.


blur said...


pati, patni aur woh?

chi chi chi

Shravan Narula said...

How you doing, kid?

Sita said...

blurry: abba no re. read properly. perverrrrrrrted minds..

shravan: i'm doing good.. how're you?

blur said...

ayijha, you dont remove izat like that, i read properly vonly

it is woh

Finch, Scout said...


arvindiyer said...

I knew it..it is the season...the wine and the stale cake.. yanyways..Melly Klistmas and happy Nude rear:)

Kunal said...

i like....

Connoiseur a.k.a ME said...

The Light =>the Illusion =>the delusion => the deception =>isn't it MAGIC

sita said...

blur: there's no third person.. there's only third THING.

arvindiyer: right back atcha.

kunal: thengee.

connoiseur (aka what?): that was the point..

The Connoiseur a.k.a ME said...

Who AM I? call me the Connoiseur,the Humor guy...a.k.a whatever..what's in the NAME.....

The Water is Calm
When I'm in Command
My surface is Smooth
Nothing is unruffled bout Me
Confidence is my Name
Coolness my Game