feeling lazy.
need hug.
just for the heck of getting one.


Arcane Crapper said...


***Realizes that hug is not getting through, wonders why***

***Damn, Too MUCH flab***

***Ducks to avoid contact with fist***

Oh well, hugs anyway... :-)

blur said...

aw babe

how was the gruhapravesh?

blur said...


why no one wants to hug u?

kill crapper i say, he's jealous of ur flab

shu crapper
go away

sita said...

ey crap- i think it's cuz of YOUR flab. i'm all slim and sexy. i'm swimming and all these days. hah.

blur: pliss to notice you didn't hug either. :(
gruhapravesham went well. will put up pics in a while. i was wearing rani pink and jhatack orange salwar kameez. you'll scream your head off. hee.
exams happening. will mail ye.

blur said...

chillar u r

u know i dont hug YOU

unless ist the airport ofcourse


chaos said...

*hugs*.... :)

Arcane Crapper said...

Ah. It now figures. It's not my flab cos I don't have any. it's all muscle... It's that rubber tube you wear while swimming to prevent you from drowning that's causing the hug obstruction. There.