there's something about you.

it's not your eyes. they're plain brown. they're lovely, yes, but there's nothing khaas about them. they do have the right feelings when i need to see them, the right look when you stare bored, into nothingness. definitely not the eyes.

your voice is plain. screechy at times, too. the perfect modulation to irritate someone out of their skin, when you're trying hard not to. no, you don't sing as well as you imagine.
nope, not the voice, either.

you walk funny. but everybody does. in their own funny ways.
your toes, are okay. your hands are not exactly what i would like to call nice.

may be it's your shoulders. the way they're always there when i'm slightly tired, or drunk even. so comfortably placed.

may be it's your talk. the inanity, the love, the tone, the humour, the way your eyes say more.

may be it's your gentle smile, your silent person. your shy face, your grin.
perhaps your laugh. but that's not great either.

may be it's just you. your emotion, the way your hands move when you talk, the way you blink.

perhaps i'll just wait to find out.


Finch, Scout said...

:) who is he?

nice toes also he has?

Sita said...

finchy: akshully, this is my fantasy-type post which i will dedicate to my boy friend on my first anniversary. (ahem.)
the nice toes is someone else (someone real), who i think i'm in love with right now. such beautiful toes.. such beautiful toes.. sigh..
(i think you and i are the only ones who found the toes post even slightly human.)