over there, she sits. a cigarette between her fingers, a blue skirt upto her dainty feet. the waves foam as they hit the shore. the sea streches before her. she stares into it, a serenity numbs her. the sun sits at the horizon. the sky is a deep red, as if bleeding with her. there are children playing in the water. they jump at every wave, as if to show their superiority. the sea laughs at their innocence, a roaring laughter.
her face is flushed. she watches the frame of some men playing deeper in the sea. there are lovers, more under the waves than above them. the sea protects them. there are couples walking the beach leaving trails of footsteps behind them. footsteps in the sand, she laughed, to be washed off by the water. there are millions of colours in front of her, dancing in the water.

the sun sets.


Arcane Crapper said...

On your post that started off with "my life's smooth. i just finshed exams, and..." :

I'll snap your neck and fix it backwards. That'll get you new perspectives. Heh. Kidding. Here's a hug anyways...

On your post that started off with "(light. 1.)" :

Nice Pic.

On your post that started off with "a comment on dreamer's blog. This is..." :

I hate discrimination. Of all sorts. Period.

On your post that started off with "alors, the statistics. 52% if the..." :

According to your statistics, ppl of the age group 18-25 comprise 4% of the country's population. Are you sure of that??? And yeah, the sensex was almost at 12000 when you were typing the post.

To cut the crap. Nice work. At least somebody is working for social causes. Change is inevitable. But can we accelerate it? I guess, the answer is a resounding YES.

Arcane Crapper said...

I guess the sun set a little too soon. Heh.

blur said...

whoaaaa what is this polka dot effect arnt u suppose to be all moody goth/pagan depressed (dirty green) person???

what all bright bckgrnd and all??? and u think my blog is bright

my eyes
my eyes

chaos said...

beautiful... picturousque... :)

rishabh_flop_ruler said...

the sun sets, and the next morning there's the horror. a page filled with weird spots all ova it.