i like doing lists, i say.
here's another. five most favoritestest ads.

1. the standard chartered ad with the blind man and his coach at the olympics. i could have cried. and then ananya told me it's a true story.

2. the airtel ad now about the power of expression. too. much.

3. the old emirates ad where two africans go to europe, and for the first time ever, they see snow. they run downstairs in their pajamas, creep past the reception, and then run out to play in the snow. very beautiful.

4. the mastercard ads.
the look on da da da..
for everything else, there's mastercard.


5. the old nokia n-91 ad. with the tattoo creeping up and down those people's body. anyone know what song plays in the background? it's todally too cool. (ps. my birthday's round the corner. someone care to buy me a nokia n-91?)


in other news, time is an illusion. lunchtime, even more so. (that beautiful line is not mine, don't worry.) especially when the time you have left to eat boils down to a very hungry five minute period. also, hangovers suck ass if you have to go to college when you have one.


i have always wondered what men like for birthday gifts right from the first ever time i had to buy one. (i ended up buying a blue t-shirt for him, and as luck would have it, that's what he was wearing when i gave it to him.)
so, people. million dollar question. what do men like for birthday gifts?!


mandarin said...

Hey...that Nokia N series song...

Its 'In my Life' by Moby.

BTW I love that Airtel ad as well.

chaos said...

bake him a cake... and he'll never ever forget...

mandarin said...

As far as your million $ question goes...I'll let you in on a secret.

I don't know how many agree with me on this but..

For their birthdays, men want...nothing. And men want...everything.

It's just another way of saying it doesn't matter.

Chocolates, cards..clothes...anything is OK. And nothing is OK too. Because it's another way of saying..."I'm not giving you anything, so you don't have to give me anything for my birthday!!!"

:P LOL. And men hate making choices..so...that's the best gift.

So you know...as far as I'm concerned...gift or no gift...doesn't matter.

But if you really, REALLY WANT TO/HAVE TO give something badly...for men the perfect birthday gift would be...

GADGETS. Anything. Just some machine. Comp related...Phone stuff...MP3 stuff...doesn't matter...as far as I know...men love gadgets.

There, I said it.

(Oh and if you're really stinking rich...you can give cars too.. :P LOL)

Arcane Crapper said...

Cool tech gadgets, Amazing sex.

Not necessarily in that order though. ;)

succubus said...


Shravan Narula said...


I second that!

Sita said...

mandarin: i didn't find it on my p2p.. can you send it to me if you have it?
and thanks for the advice. i mean really, why doesn every guy on the comment section think i can buy iPods for people?!

chaos: a cake eh?

crapper: you please kill yourself. after our half an hour argument on buying HANKIES for birthday gifts (yes i WILL make a post about it) with your name embroidered on it, that's all that you're getting every birthday from this year. ever.
ps. manu are you reading this? this goes for you too..

succubus: yeah, i'll take them all out for lunch, danke. (heh.)

shravan: second it, eh? wanna go out for lunch on your birthday? (heh heh).

Reality said...

I hope I am not too late for suggesting.
Well I do not claim to talk about all men, This is my view.
Despite all the arguements to the contrary, men are sentimental. So just like for girls/women, anything you give if given in a loving caring way will please a guy. Like they say "Its the thought that counts." So be cool and have a fun day togeather.