Me, I’m running away again tonight. I’m off to see the stars. There’s a movie in the sky that people have raved on about ages. It’s about time I caught it before it goes away. There’s some magic in the air that I ought not to miss. I’m probably slightly zonked by the intoxicating dose of Life that I have been given. Yes, that would be it. A buzzed headache, and a slow day.

I should make a list of the things I need at the place I’m hiding. A blanket, for example, it’s very important. It might get cold at night, and I get cold easily. Running away is simple. It’s just packing up and leaving. It’s the not coming back that nobody takes into account.

I slung my bag on my shoulders, and looked into the mirror. A mirror can show you much, and today it showed my Self. It showed me a smile in my cheeks that I haven’t noticed much earlier. There’s an adventure out there, it called out. There’s more to a smile than the curve of my mouth. My hair was in a mess. It was certainly a nice mess.

I’m running away from everything else but me, I decided. I’m giving the world a vacation. I pulled my socks on, and tied my shoelaces. I locked the door and left the key on the chair in the porch. I even grinned at the un-mowed lawn, I didn’t even curse my laziness. That’s me, and I’m not here to change the only thing I have.

The wind was in my hair. An excitement was in my walk. I had no idea where I was headed, and that was simply the best feeling. The very idea that I had Nowhere to go to was a purpose. I ate at a small restaurant at the edge of town, the kind where only patrons eat, and everyone had the same order. They’re the friendliest kind, the kind that treats you like family.

I am my recluse, the trees, my pillow, my mind, my book, the wind and the sun, my cool and the warm. The sound of the crickets is my music, the grass in the fields, my sense of freedom. But the loveliest thing, is the discovery by walking. It is like cleaning your room and finding an old favorite book at the bottom of the mess.

Yes, I’m running away tonight. To places that have always been there but I’ve never bothered seeing. To places that are me, but I haven’t had the chance to explore.
I’m running away, and I’ll never be the same again.

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