it's raining, and i vow to learn how to focus before the drop falls off the leaf (by the end of this season)!



(and how very difficult that is.)


in black ink
on white perforated paper
she left him a note
last night.

in clear bold letters
she said she knew
that the red on his shirt
was not her lipstick,
the taste in his mouth
was of a strange strong mint,

but mostly she said
the baby in her stomach
was his best friend's.


of numbers.

19 (years old)
3 (cakes)
1 (pie)
60 (GB video iPod)
9 (people that i didn't know who wished me)
4 (people i love who weren't here)
2 (cousins called me the sweetest cousin ever!)
2 (cousins hogged till their non-existant stomachs bulged)
22 (pictures)
0 (calls from chickoo)
7 (blasts in mumbai)

the end.