(and how very difficult that is.)


in black ink
on white perforated paper
she left him a note
last night.

in clear bold letters
she said she knew
that the red on his shirt
was not her lipstick,
the taste in his mouth
was of a strange strong mint,

but mostly she said
the baby in her stomach
was his best friend's.


of numbers.

19 (years old)
3 (cakes)
1 (pie)
60 (GB video iPod)
9 (people that i didn't know who wished me)
4 (people i love who weren't here)
2 (cousins called me the sweetest cousin ever!)
2 (cousins hogged till their non-existant stomachs bulged)
22 (pictures)
0 (calls from chickoo)
7 (blasts in mumbai)

the end.