There is so much I'm not saying these days. It's as if my thoughts have forgotten what it is like to be defined by words. It has been so very long since I've had a long meandering conversation, that when I did have one today, it seemed to gush out.


Life feels like a boring sunday afternoon- an endless game of cards, a rented movie, a switched off phone, and pappu saadam. There is nothing to look forward to, and that I think is my biggest problem. A cousin called it the "second year syndrome." May be that is what this pointlessness is. Everything is such a grind, college, phone calls, messaging, going out, watching movies, drinking, coffee, ice cream, cheese-goddamn-cake, even listening to music feels boring.

I need to do something new, I think. I need to do something.


likeasoulwithoutamind inabodywithoutaheart i'mmissingeverypart
hey-ey-ey hey-ey-ey hey-ey-ey

Oh, and to all those people who come to this blog looking for "tamil actor siddharth love life" or "siddharth dirty photos" (no kidding!!) or "siddharth girl friend", I'm sorry, but this is not a gossip column. If you do find this stuff though, do get back to me. I'd be interested in some of it.. :p


(lyrics from massive attack - safe from harm, unfinished sympathy respectively.)


what a cool thing to pretend,
what a cunning way to condescend,
[add magic lines]

you know i'd be insane to let that dirty game recapture me.

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