for my twin:

dearest chickoo,
i promise to be there for you forever:
(whether you like it or not)

through thick and thin,
through ups: with a hug and a hi-fi,
through downs: with a hug, at "a hand's distance."
through issues: on the phone through the night,
through problems: adopted, or your own.

through parties: and ananya's imitations of ntr moves,
through subways, and deli9s,
little italy, zafraan, waterfront
and spice king.

and long drives: some that broke our hearts,
changed our lives, and our perspectives
(not to forget your nails, with jhatack orange nailpolish),
and others with looking for ice cream at 12.00 am.

through cheese: dosas, pastas, sandwiches, cakes.
through icecream, pani puri, maggi, mirchi bajjis.
through vodka and orange juice,
through coffee, tea and red bull.
through chocolate, paneer (or lack thereof).

through long nights before exams and deadlines
i will console you, get pep talks, give some,
bitch some, curse some, study some, waste some time.

through fights: yours and mine, yours and an’s,
and ananya’s diplomatic skills.
(an and I don’t fight, remember?)

i promise to bug you forever:
i am only your sister playing nagging wife. heh.
(but mostly i shall bug you
when you're just about to fall asleep).

i shall be with you through madness and insanity,
through sense, through non-sense,

through long, winding conversations about world problems,
our lives, the rain, random people at college, basically bitchin';
short, empty conversations about ending the long ones.
through silences: in autos, on the terrace, on the phone.

through music: even if some songs we like talk about not washing off lipstick (ew!),
we also like songs about rainy nights in georgia,
and noone giving us the air that's ours to breathe.

us, we will dangle our legs over the world,
wondering what's to be of us,
laughing, crying, but fighting mostly,
eating, drinking, but talking mostly,

and i promise to be there for you, forever.

happy birthday.


Remember that time back in Aloor? When we were leaving, and one of those girls at camp said she'd keep you, and I non-chalantly said yeah okay, atleast that way I won't have anyone to bug me? She said, Yeah right, like I would, that you are my praanam..
I wonder what it was that made her feel that, we were hardly in the same room that day and I really didn't care about what she was saying right then, I was too tired.
I'm glad I have you, darling, 'cuz you really are my praanam, my Guardian Angel, my twin, and my best friend. :)


chickoo said...

waaaah! don't make me cry.... same pinch bitch...i know you hate me saying this but 'i know' ;)

Anonymous said...

1. So... braces are off, are they now? :D

2. Arri o gulaabo, kaa sharmaari re? ***LMAO***

3. Interesting piece of writing. Ex-girlfriend? I didn't know you were lesbian.

4. So... braces are on, are they now? :D

5. No comments.

blur said...

oh my god i am so out of the picture and ananya is so in(am so mother jealous) and i dont think i'd even fit if i came back home after 2 mother years :-p

and the music i'd listen to be would be wwwaaarlds apart, mast it will be, i cant wait to get back.