there is not much for me to say, not much for me to do, and there is nothing i want from me. it is a pretty insignificant end, an inconsequential blip in the radar of reality, a booger in a nose filled with phlegm. this is something that has brought me new friends, some that might last for life, some that i lost for life, some that didn't mean anything. it brought me great times, a shoulder to cry on. it defined some relationships, strengthened some, ended some, started some.
we spent evenings full of "long walks, blogging mohikers, messing around with people's reps (generally bitchin'), i found a twin under a sky lit with stars." we spent evenings in national market and corner house, laughing, crying, listening, talking, passive smoking, smoking, riding bikes, drinking coffee out of heart shaped glasses. i spent entire nights on the phone, and not realising it with more than one person i know through blogging.
i have learnt so much, shared so much, and this has kept me going.
i shall go now, but i might come back. i might come back, may be tonight, may be in a week, month, or year, may be never. i might start again, with a head start somewhere else.
but not now. not when i don't have anything to call mine.


Aditi said...

maybe you'll come back sooner than you think...
the blogging habit is hard to get rid of.

Sita said...

let's hope so, for more reasons than one.. :)

Arcane Crapper said...

Y'know when I said that this was another Organized Chaos in the making, I didn't mean this.


Yours Faithfully,
The Crapmaster

PS : Bitch! Now I'm all alone.