to read about the smell of food in a story is the most fascinating thing.


never done this before.

currently reading:
the dragon reborn, book 3 - the wheel of time.
indian government and politics.
india's struggle for independence, bipan chandra.
anan's notes in her beautiful, beautiful handwriting; and mine own with pretty scrawls.
the world is flat - thomas friedman.

currently listening to:
ella fitzergald - ain't got nothing but the blues.
previous song: lonesome blues - louis armstrong.
next song: taste for passion - jean-luc ponty.

current movie-to-be-watched:
annie hall.

currently eating:
lays stax, bell peppers and jalapenos.
top ramen smoodles, masala.

currently drinking:
tropicana premium gold, orange original. (did you know it has one day's supplement of vitamin c? *awe*)

currently need to be:
studying. maniacally.
(hah. right. maniacally indeed.)

currently regret:
orkut spying.
not taking good enough photos of me with good hair.

currently planning:
trip to delhi
trip to goa
passing tomorrow
treat for all those who will give me a big hug (and a crash course in my entire portion).

currently jealous of:
friend who hung out, got a hug from and played drums with siddharth. ('pparently he sang pearl jam, and sang it well. now seriously!)
those who are asleep.
good cooks.
salma hayek. (ahem, flat stomach.)

current thought:
i gotta go study.

now you have to do it too! hah!


He said no.
In not so many words.

He said no, in no words at all.

i thought i'd stop
and say hello.

i turned around
and looked for

your deep, easy laughter

impressions of your feet
that i know so well,

your lanky silhouette
against the sun,

but you were gone.


this is a picture of the road that we always take, and it always ends up being the wrong one.


..ain't got no bounce in my shoes
ain't got no fancy to tickle
i ain't got nothing but the blues..


if i stood on my head and took a look at the world, would i see everything right?


my dear, we're slow dancing in a burning room.