of stories


her ears were bleeding, her eyes were dry, her heart had stopped, her legs were blue. it was perhaps the stories that had kept her alive, as they blew over her in the wind.


if you listen closely, there are voices around you that tell you everything. they sing, they laugh, they wonder, and unless you believe, their chatter won't make sense to you.


a door-to-door salesman knocked on my door yesterday, and offered to sell me some lies. they're real lies, he told me, and they'll work for you, anytime! i learnt my lesson the hard way, i suppose, not to buy lies from a lie-monger.


s said...

vague does not begin to desrcibe you

:..M..: said...

I liked this. Esp, the 'c'.

Sreya said...

really nice. I like C. You should read a book by Michael Ende called Momo... it is full of this kind of thing.

My URL changed, incidentally. I am now http://granalcance.blogspot.com :-P

I leave tomorrow. I hope to see you before then.