where do books that were forgotten in autos go?

1. last night i dreamt that the bhelpuri man outside college was using pages of my dolls house, neil gaiman to wrap Rs. 10 bhelpuri in. it was so scary, i woke up and drank a glass of water.

2. i imagined while doodling in class that the daughter of the auto uncle in whose auto i left my 3rd semester notebook in was studying from my extensive and brilliant political science notes, while admiring my highly creative geometric designs on the side of every page and laughing at the conversations i had in class. while doing so, she also stuck the spongebob squarepants card that said "you're a star!" in her dad's auto. and then, and then, i would see this card in an auto and exclaim that it's mine, and get that notebook back.

3. my sixth sem notebook is a sad story. there's nothing exciting in it, except, well, democratic socialism. which is really sad, because i don't get it from the text book i have. i feel like i've turned into some geek.

4. haroun and the sea of stories, flowing beautifully out of my hot water tap, with batcheat singing in her ugly voice like a siren in the night.