i hate:

bright, happy people.
the coffee in college.
using my laptop.
dirty toe nails.
not having any appetite, even for the good food.
running out of ink.
not having lazy clothes to wear.
my white bag being colourful (and mostly brown).
yellow food. nasty yellow food. dal-tasting, nasty yellow food.
cauliflower. and potato.
my new toothpaste.
not having a stylus again. or an umberella again.
not getting an auto when i want one.
crowded trains.
crowded buses.
late night drunk people singing lewd songs.
having to iron clothes.
not having time to read.
not having time to watch a movie.
not having time to talk to people on the phone.
being stressed out.
being frustrated.
being social.
being sociable.
knowing the difference.
waking up.
looking at my face in the mirror, before brushing in the morning.
jasmine smells.
my new pretty-looking, jasmine-smelling deodorant.
having to deal with people.
people. in general.



s said...

i see you forgot existing...

aandthirtyeights said...

As Amir Khan's dad told him in Dil Chahta Hai, "Bete, tum ghar vaapis aaja!"

Ubiquitous said...

You don't like potato? :O

Sita said...

s: heh.

swaroop: :D pretty much what my appa says most of the time.

ubiquitous: oh, i don't mind potato. it's just the overdose of potato, three meals a day that's killing me.