australopithecus has tagged. it has an interesting question that i've been meaning to write about for a while now.

my oldest memory:
i have several, but this one is most disturbing. i remember, vaguely, the face of a man with a white beard, staring at my face. he seems to be cooing at me, or saying something to me to soothe me. it has filled many of my nightmares over years. i have no idea who this man is, or what he is saying, but his face remains vivid in my memory.

10 years ago:
i was thin as a stick, had glasses with a golden frame, a terrible hairstyle, and hated tuitions.

my first thought today morning:
sitamma, if you don't wake up in the next three minutes, you're going to flunk.

you built a time-capsule today. what would it contain?
well, if it's at all aditya 369 like, then a good looking, intelligent man with whom i will have many adventures with and eventually fall in love, marry, and meet our grandkids in the future. (and okay smartass, so you know more than i do about sci-fi like things. but i'm still firmly embedded in my fantasy world, so even though now i know what it really means, i will stick to my creative interpretation of time capsule.)

this year:
had brought many disappointments, new friends, changes for the good, changes for the bad. it has brought me one step closer to being a grown-up.

14 years from now:
i'd be thirty five. which is a scary thought.

i tag:
unless, you want to write about any of this ofcourse.


isn't it true, sir, that your eyes are made of sunshine?
oh, don't look at me like that, i blush so.
why don't you tell me a story, like you used to?
tell me about the trees, and how they dance with the wind.
and when you laugh, sir, does your voice come from thunder?
because i know, when you cry, your tears come from the sea.
and sir, tell me your secrets, those you tell noone,
about who you loved, and what you sang to her.
isn't it true, sir, that you were humming the songs of raindrops,
when she was taken away in a hurricane, and buried under the apple trees?


happy fourth birthday, blog!


being older is overrated.