i wish i could write. the way some people have a way with words, the way words mould themselves in sentences to fit exactly what wants to be conveyed. damn, really. like how some pieces of writing just whisk you away and keep you there, in the world of the author.


The Darkling Thrush said...

:) i wish you knew that you do have the gift.

just a matter of discipline.

mwah. take care re.

aandthirtyeights said...

is this post a result of certain email that was forwarded? because i've been going through the same thing!

Sita said...

mool: practice, eh? :)
thank you.

swaroop: yes, partly. but also general frustration at lack of ability.

Prabha Mohan said...

what email. i also want to see.

Aditi said...

You write very well! You have your own style and its very unique. You keep me coming back for more. :)