of being single..

..i don't even have a v-day date to make a statement and piss off shri ram sena or mns, whichever you prefer.
i guess i'll just have to buy a pink chaddi for them.


aandthirtyeights said...

All you Western-culture people. In our times, we celebrated louwe each day. Yewwery morning, afternoon and night. Nowadays and all, people do for one day, and then divorce-givorce and all they talk...

Suvesh Pratapa said...

I will be your valentine, if only to save the world from madness.

*that sounded dreamy*

You can tell them I am a forward and modern Indian girl with a valentine abroad.


Sita said...

a & 30 8s: wot, jealousaa that you don't have pink chaddi?

suvesh: aww, thanks. it's a date then!

Sita said...

suvesh: wait, you won't go out with me if not to save the world? is that what you're saying? hmm. must give this some thought.

Suvesh Pratapa said...

If I had said *only to* it would make me an ass. But I said, *if only to*, aka I have one more reason! :)

Man the difference a word makes, no?

Also remember I asked you first, at least online, and on your blog...! :)

Also, it's been a long time. We need to rap sometime.