mid-night wine and making puppets.
(stick puppets, newspaper stuffed puppets, pretty grey puppets with polka dots, puppets having breasts, wearing salwar kameezes).
last minute election nominations. (not just other people's but mine as well.)
any minute chai.
being late enough to miss the national anthem, early enough to catch the name of the producer at the screening of any given film.
the uncanny ability to catch the last train, place the last order and drink the last beer every time.
flatmates!! flatmate.
chickoo ice cream.
terrible dh food.
lovely pasta.
washing dishes deals.
ajay dhaba at 1 AM. colaba at 2.
missing the first hour. everyday.
being thrown water-balloons at.
sending sms-es that don't make sense.
asking questions that don't make sense.
doodling. drawing fake-funny comic strips. falling asleep in class.
deadlines. not sleeping. not working. meeting them. beating them. loving them.
being a workaholic. being a hate-being-a-workaholic.
bhelpuri addiction.
talking about my bhelpuri addiction.
fun. fun. fun.

how i like making these lists.


Anonymous said...

after all these years, you live the student life. yenjay!

the darkling thrush said...

i know! i know! i love the lists :) just makes you feel the "hey, i do have something worthwhile in my life." feeling