about (ii)

i repeat, constantly negotiating spaces. physical spaces. creating dichotomies. private, public. economic spaces. seeing the value, valuing differently. political spaces. inclusion, expansion to shifting perspectives. to empower the individual while also emphasising collective. the personal, the political, which is where?


dupattas and burkhas, closing doors and drawing curtains.
what does it take? silence to noise to raising a voice?
a struggle is never simple. that one, she moved from saying no to the burkha to saying no to the scarf, and then saying no to the dupatta even. she started to talk of sexuality, and who the good woman is. negotiating at all times. sometimes giving in, sometimes bargaining, sometimes accomodating, sometimes standing steady and not moving an inch.


what are battles worth fighting? ones you're sure you'll win, or ones you might not know if there will ever be an end to?

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