tell me that story, the one i don't like to hear. it stings, and the tears are already in my eyes. i know i've heard it several times. i know, your fingers clench when you say "oh her, she's okay, you know, quite a beauty though." her eyes, i can see them as well as your words paint them. lovely black eyes, with her curly, mindless hair all over her face. her regal nose, and her lips, how soft, i could kiss them the way you did. this is our story isn't it, of love, hidden sensual maddening love. seeking her, seeking you, blushing when you find each other, smiling to yourself, hoping she wouldn't notice. but she does, doesn't she? she knows you're looking at her. she knows you day dream about her voice singing as she speaks, her breath, hotter as you blush some more.

i wonder if she saw you the way you saw her. i wonder if she saw you the way i see you. your eyebrows, perfectly arched, your laughter, thrilled, child-like, your fingers, long, each with a shape of its own. how i like to put my hands in yours. did you do that with her? did she play with your hair? did she like kissing your earlobes? your smell, shampoo and hamam soap, moisturiser and musky deodorant. tell me that story, won't you?

say it, in your charming voice, "our story is of the single life. we like being alone. we take pleasure in being me. i, i'm hot, i'm honest, i love myself, and that's all the love i need." oh, of course i'll interject, i'll ask you, "what about her?" and you know what you'll say. but you don't need her. you'll meet her one day, at a pastry shop you know, buying the cheesecake you got her addicted to, while you'll be buying the banana walnut bread she made for you once.

ofcourse you don't need her anymore. i know, it's bitter between the two of you. but the memories are sweet aren't they? pungent, like red wine and smelly cheese. they leave stains you can't ever wash off.


Sreya said...

*peeks* Where did you go? XP

Sita said...

around. :)

aminura ytrobarkahc said...

ah!sita...i never realised you could be such a romantic. the narration is ineffably brilliant and your parallels are so unbelievably original....i mean you have compared memories to wine &cheese...who can think of that?

Non-Sensei said...

very nice. perceptive :)