i would like to disappear.

may be then i won't have to fake smiles for strangers. i wouldn't need to step into a costume when i step out of my room. i wouldn't even have to bother about work this much. i could walk slowly and look for stars in the bombay sky. i might even find orion. i needn't bother being non-descript, i needn't wear colours that only seem grey.

and as i face the sun i can cast no shadow. (like noel gallagher says, "an invisible man is the kind who casts no shadow.")


Prabha Mohan said...

But if you disappear, who will write so beautifully

i miss you already. love you sitamaloos xx

Anand said...

If you didn't fake smiles for strangers, how would you reflect upon them?

With no misery, there wouldn't be a Dickens or a Sita. Feel it, hate it, enjoy it! And please keep writing about it!