"you and i, we're collectors. we have more books than we've read, more songs than we listen to."

m said.


Some things are inextricable from the memories they carry. A song, a book, a phrase from a something you've read, a pair of jeans, corners of streets, photographs - there are moments within these that tug at moments gone by, sometimes so powerfully, that one smiles or cringes at them whenever they come by.


"sometimes i need new music. what do you do when you want something empty of memory, emotion and nostalgia? you need songs you don't associate with anything, no?"
i said.

although, i have a feeling she didn't quite understand it.


Sharan said...

Sputnik Sweetheart?

What a book! What a classic.

Sita said...

Ayyo, Sharan! I actually really had that conversation. With a certain cutlety Maggi Noodles, that too. And the bit in the middle is a part of an older post that I deleted.

Now if you'll bring this Sputnik Sweetheart book back home, I'll probably read it.