I am a character in a story.

Would you know how that would make me feel? I'm sure you would, because every thought of mine is yours to scrutinize, apparently.

Yesterday I had sex. You know that already. In fact, you also know who I had sex with, whether I used protection, how I like it, that I was thinking about work instead. You know all this, you sick, sick bugger.

What I find most annoying is that something needs to keep happening in my life. There has to be excitement, ugh. After all, who cares about someone who wakes up at 7 every morning, takes the same train to work, does the same boring thing there, eats the same lunch and comes back home at the same time. I wouldn't.

I have to know what the cool music is, I have to speak in obscure literary references, I need to know what the good films are. It's not enough that I'm not living an ordinary life, that I have sheep popping up in hotel rooms and wizards coming out of walls, it's not disturbing that I think my world is flat and rests on the back of four elephants, or that I'm living in the middle of civil war and all I can think about is my books. It's normal that I spent my childhood in a tree with someone with a moon for a face, and completely safe that I spent my summers hunting criminals and getting taken seriously by blundering policemen.

If routine bothered you that much, why do you live it? Why make me someone out of this ordinary of yours? I don't understand why there have to be twists and turns on everything regular. Someone just died, wait, someone killed her. Someone just broke up, wait, she got cheated on. Someone ate a sandwich, wait, it was made of blue cheese. Why can't my life just be plain? Like yours, perhaps? Why do you have to know everything that happens to me?

Now what if I told you that my story was made into a movie?
You'd really like that, wouldn't you.


for S, who was in the mood for a story but had to work instead. Typical.


Suvesh said...

This S person sounds annoying.

Sita said...

He is.

You'd know better.