magic trick

Smoke and mirrors, that's what illusions are made of. Smoke, mirrors and deceit.

Me, I'm a trickster. I go on stage and make people believe that I know their mind, that I know the cards they pick with my superpowers, I let people think that I can cut people up and then bring them back to life, unharmed. I tell stories to enthrall and have assistants to distract. I'm no magician. I can tell you that much for sure. I thrive on cheap thrills made of darkness and light.

Magic, though, real magic, has nothing to do with any of that. It's an honest trade, as sure as the butterflies after a kiss and as exhilarating as flying in a dream. It's not something that pulls coins out of ears or makes women levitate in the middle of a room. It doesn't make the Taj Mahal disappear, or transport men from one door to another. That's trickery and lies, used to impress, awe and cheat the mind into believing.

So if you listen really, really closely, I could tell you how to do the real thing. I'll tell you how to find the music in a story, I'll show you how to see the mystery in a face. I could tell you how to disappear, and just as well, I'll let you try making rainbows out of rain. What would you do if I promised you the tune in every girl's head? Where do you think your poetry comes from, if not from words I put in your thoughts?

But I'm sure you'd do better than to trust a trickster, wouldn't you?


aminura ytrobarkahc said...

So romantic S!
If you could actually do all the mind-boggling, heart-searing, eye-moistening tricks you promise you can, and make them as exhilarating as the myth that a perfect kiss is, may i call you cupid? amazing that my cupid is also a feminist...

Sita said...

Hey! Feminists fall in love too, you know. :P