being an adult is a miserable affair fucked up.


when everything comes falling straight down, when everything you've stood on is falling apart, when what one takes for granted is no longer there. what do you do when you find yourself so utterly, helplessly alone? when we've had more time away than together, it may be awkward for a day or a week, you may not know the gossip in my life, i may not call for months and months, i might not see you for a year perhaps. but i've got to ask all the questions like i've asked before, i've got to say that i don't know what to say, we've got to make the small talk, if we want to avoid the elephant in the room. when i can still say 'i love you' and be around someone when i need to be, and i know that that's all that matters, really. because that's all that there really is. love and strength.

and a prayer.