(dramatic pause)

i yearn day and night for but that one taste, that one whiff your smell. i see you in my day dreams, under a light that seems to make more shadows than anything else, most peculiarly found only in chinese restaurants. i know it's inexplicable, but that is how i know you - warm, and best loved with eyes closed. i can almost touch you with my fingers, feel you in my mouth, melting slowly. starting with a crunch, ending in chocolatey goodness, i want you, banana waffle.


i also yearn for biryani and haleem this ramzan. the taste of it has everything to do with the lights and sounds and the bustle of the night, the life that hyderabad suddenly acquires in these few weeks while waiting to see the moon. in old delhi, there is a peculiar charm that only old delhi can have, but it's not as pretty as hyderabad is, and a goat's foot, however well-cooked, no offense, is not the same as haleem.

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