change lives.

hairdressers, not so much.


speaking of hair. a conversation with s.

"i like your eyes."

"i like your hair."

"so superficial you are! eyes have depth etc."

"i think stories come out of people's hair. the more tangled up your hair is, the more stories there are."

"but what if i go bald in two years?"

er. oops?


(actually, lots of people around me worry about receding hairlines. makes me feel old.)


Anonymous said...

"eyes have depth etc.,"


I had a VERY good argument. You just made it look like your hair argument was better. Nice try.

Sita said...

I'm sorry, the day you got that haircut, everything you said got cut too. (Haircuts do that. They change everything.)

Also, my argument WAS better. Er. Until you went bald.

Anonymous said...

Straw Man.