look at how she listens, she says nothing of what she thinks

the most annoying thing about heartache is that suddenly a whole lot of music just becomes unavailable. (it's very, very difficult to find music that isn't about love or heartbreak, even more difficult to find music that is happy and doesn't suddenly remind you of what you're trying hard to avoid, even more difficult to listen to that music you used to love when you loved.)

she just goes stumbling through her memories
staring out onto grey street.
she thinks hey! how did i come to this?
i dreamed myself a thousand times around the world
but i can't get out of this place.
there's an emptiness inside her
and she'd do anything to fill it in
but all the colours mix together
to grey
and it breaks her heart.


i'm aware that this is the second time i've chosen to put up the lyrics from this song, but i really really wanted to.

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