list of things that annoy me about hospitals:

ominous whispering
needles that stay stuck in your hand
nurses who insist on speaking malayalam with you
rude doctors
visiting people
people who come to visit
people who don't come to visit
people being more tensed than you
people being less tensed than you
doctors who insist on not speaking malayalam with the nurses
air conditioning
other things that get pushed into your body
hospital clothes
ultrasound tests
"you can pass urine after test is over"
unanswered phone calls
not knowing what is getting pumped into your body
not knowing what they're taking out of your body
not knowing what is wrong with your body
not knowing what they think is wrong with your body
not knowing the person in pain next to you
not knowing whether they will be better
not knowing, period.

but the smell of hospitals, i like that smell.