you're not laughing
at my freezing toes
or the pink hearts
on my purple socks.

you're not witness
to romantic nights
with ginger tea
and tomorrow's reading.

you're not asking me
which song is next
beatles or p'njaabi
on your playlist or mine.

i'm stuck in a cold wave
but i doubt that has
anything to do
with the weather.


for me, because my proxy winter now includes a brand new pair of old socks and a third purple sweater. bring on the cold wave, i say!
also for m, because her winter apparently includes a scarf. tsk.


M said...

Winter is relative, for
Here too blankets wrap around curled toes,
And scarves cover neck-bones.

But, just to put it out there:
I'd have (if I had on more than a scarf- a lopsided winter hat, two jumpers perhaps)
Poked the hearts on your socks,
And shuffled music new/old.

s said...

i love this.

Sita said...

m, s: :) tea, anyone?