bucket list

ladies and gentlemen who read this blog,

i have told most of you what item #3 on my bucket list is - see the aurora borealis before it dies out. for the past few days, i have been reading about a large plasma cloud that was going to make the aurora spectacular last night.

well, it did. and apparently, it was visible even as far as the UK and the US.

i could bloody well just cry.
so who's going with me to sweden this summer?




i feel like writing a story, but i don't have one to tell.


on a rooftop yesterday: the beer was a bit flat and the end of my fingers were numb from the cold. the fog was thick, and i couldn't see much of my feet. the hum of the double bass was in my hair, and the groove of the sax was in my knees, and i don't know about you but i didn't have nothin' but the blues.


it's been a long time
since you've given me
(i miss them.
they miss you.)