bucket list

ladies and gentlemen who read this blog,

i have told most of you what item #3 on my bucket list is - see the aurora borealis before it dies out. for the past few days, i have been reading about a large plasma cloud that was going to make the aurora spectacular last night.

well, it did. and apparently, it was visible even as far as the UK and the US.

i could bloody well just cry.
so who's going with me to sweden this summer?



Dheeraj said...

Here's something you might wanna consider. http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2011/dec/04/northern-lights-finland-aurora-borealis

Sita said...

well, that's half the excitement isn't it?

(i have a friend who tried twice and missed it in the same way.)

Dheeraj said...

Very true.

Any wish/plan that doesn't entertain the possibility of failure isn't really fun enough. And I'm sure roaming in the dead of a scandinavian night searching the skies to catch a glimpse of the green misty light is a better memory any day than following a paged alarm or some jeep in the distance, promising to deliver the same to you.

Somehow, predictability is never as alluring as serendipity.