complaint box

fuck feminism. i just want to get married, have three children and live the rest of my life making them fat by baking endless banana muffins and lemony cupcakes.
being an adult sucks, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. bah.


freeze-dried said...

amen, sister (@ being adult being sucky)

s said...

just when you had me converted, too.

captcha is pindi. i think the internet gods are trying to tell me something here.

Sita said...

f-z: ha. :)

s: i think it's a sign of sorts. sharan would c the point, i suppose. :p
also, you have to totally be feministed in order to then say fuck feminism. it's the sacred order of things.
also also, captcha is 'poragadu'. hehe.

Sharan said...

Captcha is batinwo(!?), a word that is found only thrice in all of Google.

Obviously the internet Gods don't think I am a man of action. Hmph.