Internet Censorship

Visitors to my blog (from India, at least) will find that they have been redirected to http://head-start.blogspot.in
I'm not entirely sure what this means, but I am told by the Blogger Help page that it is meant to help comply with country-specific laws - implying, of course, that if I say something that is offensive / not acceptable to Mr. Sibal and his ilk, they'll just efficiently and promptly take it off.
Anyway, if you go to http://head-start.blogspot.com/ncr , it doesn't Big-Brother-ly say ".in".

Edit: I just understood this. ANY blog I want to read, regardless of where the person writing the blog is, I will be redirected to a page meant for India. I'm just slightly angrier now.

Edit edit: WOOHOO, SMBC!

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