and meanwhile back

Will you come with me to Penny Lane?

Of course we'll stop and say hello to the barber there. As usual, he'll show us photographs and tell us about the heads he's had the pleasure to know. Knowingly, we'll look at the fireman and say 'God save the Queen, eh?" and he'll laugh awkwardly and scuttle away. From a distance, we'll watch the banker and wonder if today is the day they'll all rush in in the pouring rain. We'll muse about everything, shake our heads, laugh and say very strange. 

I'll buy you strawberry ice on a stick, and we can sit across the barber shop and talk about everything in the world. We can lie on our backs and watch the clouds go by, there, beneath the blue suburban skies. We can hear the trumpets at the roundabout and smell the poppies on the tray. 

We'll smile at everyone, even the woman with the frosty stare and the kid who wants our ice lolly. 

When we leave we'll know that we'll probably never find our way back. It'll be that special place we stumbled into, but never found again. We'll tell our friends about it years later with a faraway look on our faces. Penny Lane, we'll say, oh Penny Lane is in your ears and in your eyes. There, beneath the blue suburban skies we'll sit and meanwhile back in Penny Lane..


1. all the lyrics in italics are meant to be sung (aloud or in your head, whatever).
2. i've tried many, many times, to write about Penny Lane. i don't know if i like this, but i'm posting it because i feel like it's a Penny Lane sort of day today.

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