the day the world ended

was a pleasant, sunny day.

i met some old friends, made some long phone calls, drank lots of tequila and lost all the money i bet at the beginning of the year.

i also read all of good omens by terry pratchett and neil gaiman, because simply, it's the most awesome apocalypse story ever. :)

what did you do on the day the world ended?

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Dheeraj said...

I went home a little early from work and ordered in some Chinese (Noodles without cabbage, and some vegetarian manchurian that contained no trace of its chinese ancestry apart from its name) for dinner. Then I took out my books for some poetry by Larkin and some of Nabokov.

All this as I allowed myself to be lulled to sleep by the Beatles' "Goodnight" which, let's face it, is the unlikeliest any lullaby can get. Well, considering the context, it being the night the world ended and all that, it felt alright.