believe me blue

tell me a story about falling in love.

i want it to be cheesy, bordering on sappy. i want it to have a favorite kind of chocolate and flowers and that kind of thing. i want it to have hand-holding and moments under starry skies.

i wouldn't mind if there was heartbreak in the middle, as long as the ending is happy.

make it magical for real, with things inexplicable and mysterious. make it so i know it could happen to me tomorrow, but make it so i'm not too disillusioned if it didn't.

tell me a story about beginnings for endings and journeying for wandering.

tell me a story about falling in love. 


Sharan said...

Give me seven days.

(I think this is a gist of the two comments I posted over the past ten days:

a) Your haiku continues to be the reason your writing is sublime.

b) And I wrote a reply-poem-- if you can call my word-patterns that-- to your brilliant 'blueprint'.

Both never saw the light of day.

Even now in big black print, I see this below: "Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author."


Sita said...

I shall wait with bated breath.

(Your writing is brilliant regardless.)

Hug. :)