crap tv rules my life

I am a Grey's Anatomy fan.

It wasn't ever something I was proud of, let's be honest. What with the crappy dialogues and the really this-is-like-Sun TV-on-crack plots and all that. But then I was reviewing my life's TV choices (yes, unemployment does that to people), and I decided, well, I'd better start admitting to the crap I like. So I sat down and made a list of the crap TV that I genuinely like but don't like to admit or I don't like but watch religiously.

1. True Blood. Which I'm not even slightly proud of. On my good days I like to pretend it's ironic love, for vampires and what not. In truth, though, I love it because I genuinely think it's awesome.

2. Suits. Which I only watch because I used to like it.

3. Scandal, which I watched about a season and a half of. I can't say I liked this show ever, but I watched a lot of it with much dedication. That ought to count.

4.  Come Dine With Me. Which was possibly my favorite show on Indian television until BBC got pulled off the air. Those middle class Brit people brought true joy and laughter to my life.

5. Las Vegas. Yes, it's true. I like this show if only for all the pretty people on it. Or for the show itself. You know. What ever.

6. Mogali Rekulu. It qualifies as a television show. I watch it nearly three times a week. I even have favorite characters. I can sing the whole damn title song. I need to put it on this list. That's all.

So what shows do you think are crap but love anyway?


freeze-dried said...

For a while there I watched a whole bunch of Sony TV shows, which I hated ...or sectly liked? I haven't thought this through.

But I watched Parvarish which plaued around with some cool portrayals of middle class Indian ideas on parenting. I watched it for two months, Until they introduced the A,ericanized mom who is so obviously bad for her children. bah.

Omg and these shows that I HATED - Byah Hamari Bahoo Ka and Kya Hua Tera Vaada.

Um...I hated Arrested Development and Fraiser when I first watched them, but I now quite love both. Also, I am stealing this idea for my next post.

Sita said...

I'm actually really impressed.