hashtag mylifekindasucks

I'm not a fan of most social media fads in the universe.

Facebook, for example, I'm a reformed addict. I hate it but I couldn't get myself to stay away from it. I don't understand (/refuse to understand) the point of putting your life up for everyone to see. What I understand even less is wanting to know what everyone is up to every day of their lives.

I found myself stalking people I had met probably once by chance, looking at pictures of their vacations with parents or their nights out with friends or what not. I found myself being incredibly affected by little things like my once-friend-twice-removed's valentine's day gift from her husband. I found myself stalking people I had never met but who had open profile settings only because they were open. 

More importantly, I found myself not doing anything of worth with my time. So I quit. I deactivated my account some nine months ago. I told myself that if anyone wants to really get in touch with me, they would do it the old way - text, phone call or email.

Sure, I keep reactivating it for a few hours at a time once every couple of months. But these were for necessary reasons, like looking for events, concerts, plays or lectures I was planning to go to (all the anti-rape protests in Delhi I found were on facebook), looking up people I have a crush on (important OKAY!), looking at pictures of people's birthday parties or engagements or the like. But the important thing was, that I always felt ugh at the end of my facebook interaction and I always deactivated my account instead of logging out. (I do miss Poke though. It was the most amazing tool to annoy people with!)

Twitter, I understand even less. What the hell is 140 characters! What is the point?? I mean - what is it?

Is it just a way to keep track of people you know? Is it like a whole bunch of constant status updates? (Those are generally quite hilarious, but I still don't get it!) If you're twitter-stalking a stranger, does this mean you're really stalking them considering they want you to read their stuff? (I do twitter-stalk tons of celebrities and TV people and journalists and authors and Manmohan Singh. I'm normal too on most days). I know that people sometimes put up links, and that makes a little sense. But sharing thoughts on books or TV or films or music or politics or life in general, in 140 characters - I just don't get it!

More mind boggling than anything, what the hell is a hash tag?! Seriously. Can someone explain it to me? Because I have tried to understand. And I've been on many twitter pages to figure this out. (Twitter pages? Is that what they're called? Feeds?) Sometimes they creep into regular conversation. Or emails. Or (as of this morning) newspaper articles. The only use of the hashtag that I have understood yet is Neil Gaiman's Keep Moving stories. That was the first time I thought twitter actually could be kinda cool. But I really really don't understand the context or usage of a hashtag.

So I guess that makes me kinda un-hip. And terribly uncool. And inaccessible. (Being off facebook feels like my year long experiment when I went without a mobile phone.) And everything important reaches me few days late. (This is also a good thing. I only heard of Gangnam style a month after it went viral). 

But it gives me more time to do other things on the internet. So there's that.


M said...

You know, Twitter is the best portal for longform on the internet. So all the 'other stuff' you do-- it makes it that much more efficient. #irony #awesomesauce #that'showit'sdone #followme #love4evs

Sita said...

yes, but you do know that i don't do efficiency OR things that make the longform easier (such as abstracts or blurbs or book jackets or even trailers or promos or.)

also, normal people sleep at normal times. psh.

Prabha Mohan said...

Someone wrote me an email a few days ago with hashtags in it. Like #YeahididThat (Not exactly that hashtag, but just an example. #thoughtsonhashtags)

Sita said...


i will write you an email with hashtags in them.