I don't have any excuses for slacking off.

I've been not busy in the slightest.

I have, in fact, spent the last couple of days doing experiments with my body to see how much a human being can sleep in one day. As it turns out, my body can sleep a LOT.

The downside of sleeping 16 hours in a day is that it makes you really, really drowsy, unproductive and slow.

So I spent today recovering from oversleeping yesterday.

I'm going to go now and swim away my sins, and then drink every calorie I could possibly lose swimming.

So not considering this post as a real post, I promise three posts tomorrow: One about my supreme discomfort with Aman Sethi's A Free Man, one about my inexplicable love for Grey's Anatomy and one about a bunch of interviews I watched on Newslaundry today.

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