i wouldn't mind

beer. lots and lots of beer.
a slightly better internet connection to watch thursday's grey's anatomy episode and today's good wife episode.
cold drinking water.
a regular, non-squat toilet.
did i mention beer?
a shower.
6 straight hours in which to sleep.
1 straight hour in which one isn't fumbling around with language.
a mojito.  
an english newspaper.
or just roads, for that matter.
vehicles with better suspension. 
alcohol of any kind, really. may be wine. white.

(top of the list of things i constantly forget: doing important things is tiring work!!)


Aaditya said...

come to dc, sab milega! :)

Ananya said...

Beer, mojito, wine.. Dammit woman, pick your poison.

Sita said...

AD: Soon. When are you coming to Dilli?

A: Why pick just one?
(I finally settled on tequila when I got back, btw. My stomach didn't quite agree.)