i want a kitchen
(onions and garlic
an oven that works
four fresh cheeses and seedless olives
white wine vinaigrette 
a set of knives that cut
tomatoes on the first try
and maggi noodles for
when i'm lazy)

i'll bake every second night
(there will be croissant batter
foiled and setting
at all times in
my freezer)

and i'll try out new recipes
(cinnamon and banana bread
from orangette
raspberry macaroons from
that guy in paris
mambazha sambar and nune vankaya
from my grandmothers)

i'll have someone do my dishes
(i know i say it's therapeutic
but i doubt it would be
if i had to do them

leave me to it
won't you,
in my own apartment
with my bright red curtains
and new wooden bookshelves


Prabha Mohan said...

It is for poems like this that I love you.

Sreya said...

Orangette's amazing, isn't she? Just made the busy day cake a few days ago.

Here's to your own kitchen!

Sita said...

Prabhi, mwah.

Sreya, that does look exciting. Soon. :)
(I don't have an apartment just yet. May be next month?)

Aaditya said...

Google: smitten kitchen and try out the recipes there!