paper cut

on my tongue.


on sleep

night takes me 
like a lover.

which is to say,
it doesn't.


(this post is alternatively titled 'on sleep deprivation'.

also, the best thing about sleep deprivation is the day you spend in recovery sitting on a bed, watching reruns of whatever is on TV and eating cheap chinese food.)

(oh, if you don't mention the not blogging thing, i won't either. shh.)  



an interlude:

for some silences are
too heavy with effort
too contrived, too obvious
too much has gone unsaid
too much has been heard

an interlude:

in which i say
nothing at all.



Today marks the beginning of my no-blog month.

It's so easy to stop writing something when I feel like it's long enough for a blog post, that I don't think beyond 1000 - 1500 words.

So this month, I'm not posting anything I write. To see if it helps.

I'll miss you more!!