a moment of silence

for google reader today.

you've defined the way i use the internet, prodded me along on days that i've felt bored, insignificant and lonely; overwhelmed me with things to read at the end of very busy days / weeks; helped me keep track of what is happening in the world. since the first time i saw that notice about your death, i've been dreading this day. i gave you a flower on slate, read every comment on nearly every forum that loves you, read blog posts and news articles and listened to rants about you.

i just want to say thank you google reader for being a part of my life. 




Aaditya said...

Check out feedly.com if you are so heartbroken..

Sita said...

i did, but that'sreallynotthepoint.

Prabha Mohan said...

that's so not the point. :( I keep going to it everyday, hoping somehow that it will revive itself. Meanies.

Sita said...

me too!

i still haven't taken it off my bookmarks tab. :(