day 14


(because there isn't
anything as fun
as making someone


day 13

6000 words. 30 hours.


Please note the extremely pretty Lucknow home I am currently a resident of.
(And the pretty furniture is genuinely old!)


day 12

Lucknow is an endless kabab. Can we all please just stop talking about food?

(Since I didn't take pictures of that amazing bunch of kababs and that pretty not-so-great biryani, here's a picture of the sunny spot I made my workplace yesterday.)


day 11

there's a shop in my office. i bought the indigo.

how does the universe expect me to have any savings at this rate? bah.


day 10

Just reached Lucknow.

I guess what they say about the food is true. I just got kababs in a bun for lunch! And are they awesome or what.

(Plus, can I emphasize the joy there is in not having to wear a jacket at 3 in the afternoon? I mean, I love Delhi in the winter and all that, but can it please stop raining?)

(Okay so I broke the healthy food rule, but Kababs in a Bun!!)


day 9

Tatkal tickets on IRCTC!

Let's throw a party, everybody!



day 8

Yesterday was another of those sit-outside-and-work days, so that's what I did! This is the canteen at Teen Murti, where I got a corner table all to myself. (I would have taken more pictures of the place but there were so many people with the same work-outside idea, that I couldn't). 

(Today is all rainy and grumpy again. Bleh).


day 7

Book sales make me happy. (The Landmark Sale is EPIC, by the way. At least it was last year in Chennai. This year is just meh. Still bought lots of stuff, make no mistake. But not as epic as last year.)

Long evenings with people I love make me happier.

Strawberry frozen yogurt makes me happiest?



six months ago
i worked up the courage
to ask a stranger
i had a crush on
out to dinner.

it was going to be
anything but smooth.

"hi," i was going to say
"this might sound silly,
but would you like
to have dinner
with me?"

may be it was
my indian upbringing
or just plain
bad luck,
but i didn't see him that day.
or the next.

i ran into him
again yesterday,
he smiled at me
as if i was an old, old

i frowned as if
i did not know him,
and walked away. 


day 6

As I get older, I find myself more and more reluctant to stay over in someone's house. I have this need for privacy when I sleep, not necessarily because I need my own space or anything, but because I'm constantly paranoid about what I might do in my sleep. I am told I snore, and I know I make funny throaty noises. I also think I say stuff in my sleep, and this might be extremely embarrassing. More than anything though, I have a lot of scary dreams so I tend to wake up a lot during the night. Sometimes, I need to take a walk or listen to music before I can go back to sleep.

My favorite thing about sleepovers is waking up in someone else's house. There is a kind of intimacy that comes with sharing morning routines, reading the newspaper, making tea/coffee, generally staring at a toothbrush. Especially if it's someone I'm generally close to, I love the comfort of the waking up in their homes and making tea or toast for myself. 

So that's my happy thing for Day 6. 

I woke up late on a foggy Saturday morning, sat in someone else's living room, sang a lot and shared a newspaper. 

May be this is why morning people like mornings. :)


day 5

Delhi is asking me not to bother with happiness today.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

*Retreats into Blanket*

Edit: Later:


day 4

  • fun conversations with new people about music in the sixties.
  • friendly shopkeepers who returned the wallet i forgot in their store.
  • writing with bullet points.
things i can't photograph also make me happy. :)


day 3

Happiness is bath products.

Most people (who read this blog) know this about me (because I have made them carry moisturizers and body mists and shower gels and soaps and loofahs and foot scrubs and other bathing paraphernalia across continents). So when I got a whole set of Body Shop things as a New Year's Gift, I was absolutely delighted.

Used the first of those today. :)

Moringa is not the best smell ever (possibly on my list of least favorite), but that's what I smell of today.

In other news, I haven't been able to write. I don't know why. It has been months. (I also mean writing for my PhD). So I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks (hopefully this will be enough) reading as much as I can.

day 2

Delhi threw up a surprise sunny day yesterday, and like any good Delhi people, we spent it sitting on terraces and around monuments. (It's foggy again this morning, and lots of peacocks are strutting around my hostel, but my phone camera isn't good enough for any of them.)

Pongal Lunch at Andhra Bhavan, where the waiters lectured us about "Sona Masoori rice from Andhra brought in Lorry" and hit on everything that speaks Telugu (me). 

Tea at Blue Door Cafe, on the terrace. There's also an art gallery with a sun roof on the floor below, but I forgot to take pictures.

Isa Khan's Tomb, post-restoration. So it might look like paint, but it's actually lime (processed in the same way they did in the 16th century - we are assured it will fade soon, but where's the charm if it doesn't), intricate Jaali work and salvaged tiles. Also, please notice the sun! (That's what made me happiest, obviously.)


new blog project, day 1

So I love this 100 Happy Days thing, but I hate Facebook (and hashtags, need I remind anyone). So I'm doing this on my blog instead.

There's going to be pictures (obz) and cheating. But there's also going to be some genuine attempts at writing and being happy. So please look forward to regular pictures of "um there may not be anything else today so here's a picture of the peacocks and nilgai outside my hostel." 

Day 1 is hot ginger tea in the winter and first book of the year! :)



winter makes everyday feel like a sunday.

bath, anyone?