day 6

As I get older, I find myself more and more reluctant to stay over in someone's house. I have this need for privacy when I sleep, not necessarily because I need my own space or anything, but because I'm constantly paranoid about what I might do in my sleep. I am told I snore, and I know I make funny throaty noises. I also think I say stuff in my sleep, and this might be extremely embarrassing. More than anything though, I have a lot of scary dreams so I tend to wake up a lot during the night. Sometimes, I need to take a walk or listen to music before I can go back to sleep.

My favorite thing about sleepovers is waking up in someone else's house. There is a kind of intimacy that comes with sharing morning routines, reading the newspaper, making tea/coffee, generally staring at a toothbrush. Especially if it's someone I'm generally close to, I love the comfort of the waking up in their homes and making tea or toast for myself. 

So that's my happy thing for Day 6. 

I woke up late on a foggy Saturday morning, sat in someone else's living room, sang a lot and shared a newspaper. 

May be this is why morning people like mornings. :)

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